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Security - How Safe Is It to Be A Host or Renter of Cubbiq

Security - How Safe Is It to Be A Host or Renter of Cubbiq

Looking to rent your storage room and earn extra cash? Yet, it is crucial to ensure safety for you and the people around you. In this case, Cubbiq is your right answer for your unused places like parking and storage space for rent.

Being a host or renter, you might be worried about the security of the premises. In Cubbiq, we ensure easy, secure, and hassle-free earnings for you and you can get peace of mind by renting your spare and secure storage spaces with Cubbiq. We comply with strict standard operating procedures and extra safety measures upon COVID-19.

If you want to know how safe it is to be a host or renter of Cubbiq, this article is your answer. Let’s get started!

What Cubbiq does to Ensure the Security of Hosts or Renters?

Whether garage, parking spaces, or warehouse for rent, you can list them on Cubbiq. We take a few precaution processes to add protection to you, be it big or small storage space:

Verification Checks

We conduct personal verification of the renters before they rent and use your storage room. You’ll feel safer before sharing your personal information, like the location of space to rent. You can safely deal with the storage monthly cost or price to rent a warehouse for a day with them.

Secure Payments

Cubbiq uses cashless payment systems of high security to protect the payments. You can avoid delayed or missed payments without needing to chase payments. Your rental fees will be automatically paid to your bank account on time.

Safe Communications

Before the deal, hosts and renters can negotiate our renting system. There is no need to share personal contacts like phone numbers or email addresses. It is our safety measure to protect your personal information.

Deposit Arrangements

We collect refundable deposits in advance before renting out your garage or parking rooms. You can use it to cover repair costs if you find damage or late checkouts by any chance. If renters take good care of the storage space, they will also get fully refunded deposits.

Booking Agreements

Both hosts and renters need to sign our booking agreements before renting. It keeps all parties protected with a mutual understanding of all terms and conditions. We reserve the right to end any contracts in the case of misuse of location.

Automated Invoices

You’ll get monthly invoices for your rented storage room. They are downloadable from our system dashboard after you sign in. These invoices are for your records and ease your accounting process.

Booking System

Cubbiq continuously updates our website to provide you with a seamless system. It is easy to handle your bookings and communicate with your renters. Even if you are offline, you’ll also get emails to ensure timely responses to your potential customers.

Renter Insurance

What about unpredictable damages like fire or flood? Fret-not. We cover insurances up to $1,000 for your renters’ goods during the rent period. The insurance takes care of both hosts and renters in case of unforeseen events.

Note that our insurance does not cover vehicles parked at your vehicle storage parking. Make sure their vehicles are insured before they use your secure storage.

Your renters should add info about inventories lists or vehicle storage at your places. It is for insurance claims if needed.

All Time Support

If you need any support service, you can contact us via phone, email, or website chat box. Cubbiq has a team of professionals handling your queries and providing you with assistance anytime.

What other Safety Issues to Check Before Renting?

Before renting, you need to ensure the below:

  1. You must not violate your tenancy or mortgage agreements while renting your storage room.
  2. Your insurance provider must agree with our act of renting. If yes, they could cover the “Sharing Economy Activities” for you.
  3. You need to check if you are liable for tax submission on your host earnings.

Other remarks:

  1. You need to update the detailed listing and images every time. You should do it every time before and after renting out storage space.
  2. You should maintain the security and cleanliness of your place all the time.
  3. Repair the wear and tear, broken, or unsafe places to give a better renting experience.

Final thoughts

Now you’ve learned about the safety measures Cubbiq does to protect your safety. Cubbiq could help generate extra income whether long term storage or temporary storage, as we have a vast amount of renters looking for easy storage space.

Talk to us today to check the extra space storage rates you can earn.

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